Our Partners

Marathon partners with World Wide and World Class companies to bring you the finest in chemistry, plating processes, paint powder coating equipment and supplies.  With all the resources, expertise and technology of these tremendous companies, Marathon brings the best metal finishing products and provides experience and technical support locally in New England.  Whether you’re plating or anodizing in a metal finishing shop, a manufacturer doing parts cleaning and using commodity chemicals, or a paint powder coating applicator, Marathon offers the products, knowledge and supplies you need.  Marathon brings the worlds best direct to you.  


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MacDermid Enthone

A world-wide supplier of specialty chemicals for metal finishing.  

Together we offer Electroless Nickel, Bright Nickel, Zinc, Zinc/Nickel Tin, Tin/Lead and Aluminum finishing products, supported by local technical representation in New England through Marathon.  World wide plating resources, metal cleaning and finishing products, brought right to your process line.  Call Marathon to bring MacDermid Enthone specialty products to your facility.  

For more info, contact Marko at markod@marathon-sales.com

MacDermid Products Include:

  • Electroless Nickel

  • Chromating Aluminum

  • Zinc Plating

  • Nickel Plating

  • Tin & Tin Lead Plating

  • Copper Plating

  • Passivation Processes

  • Black Nickel



The Paint Project Inc.

A family owned and operated supplier to the paint and powder coating industries for over 33 years, the Paint Project has earned the trust of spray coaters across new England.  As a Qualified Equipment Distributor for many great products, a full Master Service Center and a team of technical representatives ready to solve your problems, The Paint Project can provide you with the most advanced technologies and and equipment in today’s market.  By connecting through Marathon you get the added advantage of an experienced shop manager who knows and understands your daily struggles.

For more info, contact Marko at markod@marathon-sales.com

The Paint Project Products Include:

  • Finishing System Design

  • Paint Guns

  • Powder Coating Equipment

  • Spray Booths

  • Spray Washing

  • Air Movement Exhaust Filtration

  • Air Make Up Systems

  • Curing Ovens

  • Masking Products

  • Cleaners and Phosphates

  • Rolling Racks

  • Expanded Metal Painting Trays



Robert’s Chemical

Since 1976, Roberts Chemical has been providing "Superior Products and Service” to a variety of industries including Surface Finishing and Electroplating, Water Treatment, Agriculture and General Manufacturing. With an in-house analytical lab Roberts can support your operation with timely testing and support.  Marathon represents Roberts Chemical to complete our full catalog of metal finishing, cleaning and plating solutions from proprietary to commodity products you need in your facility.  Call Marathon to get the information and service you need.  View line card here

For more info, contact Marko at markod@marathon-sales.com

Robert’s Chemical Products Include:

  • Commodity Metal Finishing Products

  • Sulfuric Acid

  • Hydrochloric Acid

  • Sodium Hydroxide

  • Cyanide

  • Chromic Acid

  • Anodes

  • Nickel Copper

  • Tin & Tin Lead

  • Zinc

  • Silver

  • PCG Potassium Gold Cyanide

  • Precious Metals Plating Solutions

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Rhodium