Equipment & Supplies





Metal Finishing Equipment & Supplies

Plastic fabricated tanks of all sizes shapes and processes as well as all of the products needed to move, store, pump, filter, heat or cool any chemical or liquid process are all available from Marathon.  From electroless nickel tanks to parts washing to filtration and pumping systems, if you need to utilize a chemical or other liquid in your process Marathon has the right solutions for you.

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Metal Finishing Equipment

  • Complete Plating and Finishing Lines

  • Tanks

  • Pumps

  • Filtration

  • Electric

  • Steam Heating Fixtures

  • Containment Trays

  • Laboratory Benches

  • Parts Dryers

  • Fume and Exhaust Hoods and Installation

Metal Finishing Supplies

  • Plating Racks

  • Copper and Aluminum Wire

  • Anodes and Anode Cages

  • Custom Built Bus Bar

  • Filter Cartridges

  • Carbon Filtration

  • Masking Fixtures

  • Test Panels

  • Baskets

  • Barrels

  • Hull Cell and other Testing Equipment



Masking Materials & Supplies

Are you plating, anodizing, painting or powder coating?  If so then you know just how hard masking for any finishing operation can be.  Marathon has over 30 years experience in masking for metal fishing and has the products, techniques and training that you need.  From standard masking tape, dots, plugs, and caps, Marathon can quickly supply you with the right product from an extensive catalog.   Need a custom die cut, plug or fixture?  We design and build innovative masking and racking jigs and fixtures that build quality in and make masking mistake proof.  Marathon has training presentations available for both maskers, estimators and most importantly, design engineers and end users.  Call us now to help resolve that masking challenge and create solutions.

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Masking Materials

  • Poly Tapes and Dots

  • Hi Temp Crepe Tape

  • Aluminum and Lead Tapes

  • Vinyl Platers Tape

  • EPDM and Silicone Plugs

  • Caps

  • Pull Through Plugs

  • Tapered Plugs

  • Self Tapping Plugs

  • Silicone Tubing and Sheet

  • Custom Die Cuts of all Shapes and Sizes