About Marathon

Marathon Manufacturing Solutions provides the products, services and knowledge for metal finishing, metal cleaning, paint and powder coating.  Marathon provides the chemistry, equipment and experience to help platers, anodizers, machine shops and OEM’s with their needs and process questions.  With years of experience in problem solving, cost reduction and process enhancement, Marathon can guide you with industry knowledge, resources and solutions to support any advanced manufacturing process.  We also believe it is important to be a good steward of the community as well as provide training and support for the next generation of advanced manufacturers.

Specializing in Metal Treatments & Materials

A world wide leader in metal cleaners for all base materials as well as aluminum plating, passivating and chromating chemistry. MacDermid Enthone offers multiple choices for metal cleaning, stripping, activating, pickling, or polishing of any base metal.  With full analytical support, failure analysis and corrosion testing MacDermid Enthone brings world class technology and support to New England in partnership with Marathon Manufacturing Solutions. 

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About Our President

Marko Duffy is a 30+ year veteran of the metal finishing industry in New England and has worked with countless of machine shops, fabrication shops and OEM’s creating metal finishing and metal-working solutions.  Starting in 1979 right out of high school Marko literally started at the bottom and worked his way through almost every position in the shop and learned a lot about a lot!. Beginning at Hopwood Globe in Malden as part of the crew that installed the WWT system moved to a plater then truck driver and eventually VP of Sales, Marko wore a lot of hats and was very hands on in the shop.  

Moving to ADTEC Electroplating as VP of Sales Marko was instrumental in helping that company grow  annual sales from $2 million to $10 million in just under 10 years. Solving problems, developing process solutions and working with many machine shops and specifiers of finishing, Marko contributed to the growth on many levels.   It was here that Marko developed the customer service and support skills that helped create success for both the company and the customers.

Marko then joined the supplier side becoming a direct representative for MacDermid Enthone, a $2 billion specialty chemical company representing them at over 100 finishing shops in New England. From part to process to production, Marko has the experience and knowledge to create the solutions and opportunities you need at your company.   

In 2012 Marko created Marathon Manufacturing Solutions to better serve his many customers and also be able to offer products and processes to fabrication and matching shops as well as the paint and powder coating industry.

Still representing MacDermid Enthone, Marko now offers many other products used by his customers.

Certified Electro Finisher 2018

Our Community

If you've ever been to Lawrence, MA you know that this once proud mill town hard by the Merrimack River is ponce again a proud home to many amazing people, organizations and companies.  Marko and Marathon are a key part of that community in many ways.  

A volunteer for many years at the Lawrence YMCA, Marko has participated in helping the youth of Lawrence in the many programs the Y offers.  Sports, swim, music and education all have a home at the Lawrence Y and Marko has spent years and given his time and talent helping the Y serve the community.  

A member of the Lawrence Partnership’s Advisory Committee Marko has committed his experience to helping grow businesses off all types in their city with a special focus on the manufacturing base of the city.  Based in Lawrence, Marathon works closely with many cod the manufacturers also doing business there.   Marathon not only brings them processes and equipment but, assists in training and teaching the employees of these companies.  

In 2018 Marko was selected by the Lawrence Partnership to participate in Lawrence Leads, an executive leadership development program for leaders in the City of Lawrence hosted by Harvard Business School.  As part of a program that features the rigors of a Harvard Business School course  and in a cohort of 30 tremendous professional from a cross section of businesses, professionals and non-profit organizations, the goal is to develop the skills and network to better position Marathon and Marko for growth, leadership and the skills to be in a better position to positively impact the community. It is our belief in manufacturing jobs and companies that drove Marko to be a part of this tremendous program and the hope is that this will positively impact all of Marathon’s customers both in Lawrence and across the region.  

Active in other organizations and a frequent participant in programs throughout the city, Marko can often be found in his “mobile office”.  A cool coffee shop with a vibe, getting work done, greeting many friends and past coworkers and constantly looking for ways to continue to develop Lawrence into a world class manufacturing destination.

Please visit our attached gallery to get a glimpse of the great people, organizations and companies in the City of Lawrence.